Iran Print

23 September - 5 November 2019

In parallel with its ongoing Arab Print exhibition series, Meem Gallery presents Iran Print, its first presentation of printmaking from Iran.


Endeavoring to showcase the long history of printmaking in Iran and its development into the 20th century the exhibition will be curated by Yashar Samimi Mofakham and Tarlan Rafiee and will feature works by Iranian modern masters Bahman Mohassess, Sirak Melkonian, Parviz Tanavoli and Charles Hossein Zenderoudi alongside a historical collection of Qajar period lithographs.


The Qajars dynasty came to power in 1779 and brought with it an appetite for the visual arts and new technologies. Abbas Mirza, crown prince and governor of Azerbaijan sent students to study lithography and printmaking in England and Russia, going onto establish a printing house in Tabriz in 1812, making the city an important center of publishing. As well as utilising these new technologies for the production of printed text in newspapers and books, the Qajars adapted the media to mass produce images of the shahs to aid in the dissemination of their likeness, broadening their reach and helping to the establish their supremacy.


The first exhibition titled Arab Print was held at Meem Gallery in 2008, and the project was revived in 2016 with Arab Print Vol II, closely followed by Arab Print Vol III in 2017 and Arab Print IV in 2018. Each edition of the exhibition focuses on a particular time period, method or country of origin. Meem Gallery has chosen to resume this exhibition programme with a view to creating the seminal book on printmaking in the Arab World at the culmination of the exhibition series.