28 January - 26 March 2008

Ismail Acar's paintings draw in the wandering eye and then capture it in scenes where the East meets the West. History seems to find a contemporary place where modernized paintings capture culture and religion taking care to be most expressive. Known for his generosity as much as his artistic talent, Ismail Acar has donated one-part of all of his income from his artistic exhibitions since 2001 to various charities and organizations. His exhibitions include displays in Geneva, Prague, Switzerland, Japan and Paris among various others. His more notable exhibitions include the 1991 Exhibition for the Benefit of Homeless Children and the 1994 Youth and Art Gallery Exhibition in the 1994 BP Exhibition in Istanbul. In 1999, he was the subject of a highly acclaimed documentary by Executive Serpil Boydak where his work and life were highlighted. Ismail Acar's paintings are held in private collections around the world including Europe, Mexico, Canada, America, Russia, Ukraine, China, Korea and Japan.