20 October - 20 November 2008

This exhibition presents a collection of prints by modern Arab artists Mona Saudi, Nja Mahdaoui, Ali Omar Ermes, Laila Shawa and Jamal Abdul Rahim. The exhibition includes the complete sereis of Mona Saudi's well known Petra Tablets series, the prints from the Red Square series by Mahdaoui, Shawa's Walls of GazaFairuz by Abdul Rahim and Harf Al Kaf (held in the Islamic collection of LAMCA, Los Angeles) and Blue Haa by Ali Omar Ermes. All the work exhibited in Arab Print have been produced using the screenprint technique, a form of lithography. Further collections of Arab Print will include the work of Dr Ahmed Moustafa, Dia Azzawi, Mohammed Melehi, Rafa Nasiri, Issam El Said and leading Arab artists and printmakers.