Art in Iraq Today I

12 October - 11 November 2010

Meem Gallery is pleased to present the first part of five exhibitions displaying contemporary Iraqi art. Curated by Dia Azzawi, Art in Iraq Today: Part I exhibits the work of Modhir Ahmed, Nedim Kufi and Hanaa Malallah. The exhibition, and its supporting catalogue, is dedicated to the memory of Jabra Ibrahim Jabra and his important essays on modern Iraqi art, titled 'Art in Iraq Today'. Part II (November – December 2010) of the series, will exhibit the work of Ghassan Ghaib, Kareem Risan and Nazar Yahya; Part III (February – March 2011): Himat M. Ali, Amar Dawod and Delair Shaker; Part IV (March – April 2011), the modern masters Dia Azzawi, Rafa Nasiri and Ali Talib; and Part V (April – May 2011), Ali Jabbar, Halim Karim and Mahmoud Obaidi.