My Broken Dream: Dia Azzawi

8 November 2016 - 10 January 2017

This November Meem Gallery, in association with Emirates Investment Bank, exhibits a monumental work by acclaimed Iraqi artist, Dia Azzawi. My Broken Dream is a truly colossal work, measuring over four meters in height, and ten in length. This monochromatic work dominates and devours both viewer and space, demanding a quiet and contemplative reflection. 


My Broken Dream has taken over two years to complete, and was made alongside Five Children Playing Football, currently on view as part of Azzawi’s retrospective at Al Riwaq and Mathaf, Qatar Museums; I Am the Cry, Who Will Give Voice to Me? As part of a series of black and white, large -­‐scale works, My Broken Dream acts as a manifesto of sorts; a reaction against and commentary upon the US invasion of Iraq. 


Azzawi’s more recent work is known for its vivid use of colour, abstraction and dynamic nature – leaving the visually and conceptually darker works of the 1960’s and 70’s behind. In My Broken Dream, we see a confluence as geopolitics and suffering are at the forefront of Azzawi’s practice, converging with his contemporary abstracted style to create something reflective on time past.


Meem Gallery is pleased to announce this exhibition in collaboration with Emirates Investment Bank, a local private bank. Emirates Investment Bank is a dedicated patron of the cultural community, especially in regards to the visual arts. Their exceptional in house art collection features works by Dia Azzawi, Hassan Sharif, Walid Siti and other important artists of the Arab World.