In 1991, Ismail Acar graduated from Marmara University's College of Fine Arts, in Istanbul, with honours, after which he earned a Master of Arts degree in 1993. Finding interest in rotogravure, wood press, and various other techniques, Acar has been influenced by some of the most creative minds of his generation, including M. Plevneli and Mustafa Aslier. He also studied with David Salle, enhancing his skills in the preparation of exhibitions. In 2004, Acar was awarded the coveted title, 'Most Successful Artist in Turkey,' as numerous galleries in Turkey, and internationally, have showcased his work.


Acar's paintings captivate viewers with their convergence of artistic practices from the East and West. Using history to create contemporary works, his art captures the dynamic of culture and religion in an expressive and inspiring style. Known for his generosity as much as his artistic talent, Acar has donated a portion of his income from his exhibitions to various charities and organizations. His work has been exhibited worldwide, including Geneva, Prague, Switzerland, Japan, and Paris. His more notable exhibitions include the 1991 Exhibition for the Benefit of Homeless Children, and the 1994 Youth and Art Gallery Exhibition in the BP Exhibition, in Istanbul. In 1999, he was the subject of a highly acclaimed documentary by Serpil Boydak, a film highlighting his life and work. Acar's paintings are held in private collections and museums around the world, including Europe, Mexico, Canada, US, Russia, Ukraine, China, Korea, and Japan. He lives and works in Istanbul.