Summer Exhibition 2008


28 June – 15 September 2008

Working in partnership with the American University of Dubai and Zayed University, and working with selected students from American University of Dubai, Zayed University and the American University of Sharjah, we have been able to bring together for the first time in the history of the United Arab Emirates a collective exhibition highlighting the art work of the leading talents of the universities of the UAE.

The Summer Exhibition is the culmination of an idea that has now turned into a programme. The journey started in early 2007 when the faculty heads of AUS, AUD and ZU sat down together at Meem Gallery in order to discuss showcasing the work of their leading graduates and existing students. This meeting was mutually organized by Mark Pilkington of AUS, Mike Bray of AUD, Janet Bellotto of Zayed University and Charles Pocock of Meem Gallery. The idea that was born was how to bring the students together and how to encourage them to be more competitive in the arts, and above all how to make them interact with each other and each other's work for the betterment of their work and the art scene in the UAE.

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