Art in Iraq Today: Conclusion (Sponsored by Crescent Petroleum)


13 November – 3 December 2011

Meem Gallery is pleased to present the conclusion show of the Art in Iraq Today exhibition series. The exhibition will include selected works by the artists displayed during Parts I-V of the series (held from October 2010 – May 2011). The show, curated by Dia Azzawi and Charles Pocock, and its supporting publication, is dedicated to the memory of Jabra Ibrahim Jabra and his seminal essays on modern Iraqi art, titled 'Art in Iraq Today'. A group show of the artists' work will also open at the Beirut Exhibition Center on 23 November (organized by Solidere, Meem Galley and Rula Alami Zaki).

The opening of the exhibition will also coincide with the launch of the book Art in Iraq Today, published by Skira and Meem Editions and sponsored by Crescent Petroleum) which will also take place on 17 November 2011 at Abu Dhabi Art, and then at the opening of the Beirut Exhibition Centre show. The bilingual publication (produced in English and Arabic) includes essays on the represented artists, artist statements and exhibitions lists, bibliography and colour plates of the works exhibited at Meem.

Exhibiting Artists

Modhir Ahmed, Dia Azzawi, Ahmed Al-Bahrani, Amar Dawod, Ghassan Ghaib, Ali Jabbar, Halim Karim, Nedim Kufi, Hanaa Malallah, Rafa Nasiri, Mahmoud Obaidi, Kareem Risan, Delair Shaker, Ali Talib, and Nazar Yahya.


Art in Iraq Today

(published by Skira and Meem Editions, sponsored by Crescent Petroleum)

This publication is an outgrowth of the Art in Iraq Today exhibition series held at Meem Gallery. It brings together a group of Iraqi artists with varying working methodologies, whom are united in their experience of exile. Having spent their formative years as artists in Iraq, this book documents their continuing contribution to Iraqi art, and highlights its importance in contemporary Middle Eastern art history. Although the artists examined in this publication are now part of the Iraqi diaspora, their work demonstrates the enduring talent of two generations of artists whose work represents Iraqi art today.

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